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"My goal as an artist is to inspire the beholder into a state of mind where beauty, understanding and adventure combines....."

"To me, a good question is better than a good answer..."

"Lets imagine you meet a guy who never heard of a radio... you turn it on and he gets very upset! In fact he kicks the radio to pieces!!! The music stops. He looks at you with a great big smile and says: "I killed the evil thing!". Then you face a situation where the truth would never be believed, he would NEVER believe that the classic concerto, which he heard 10 seconds of, was performed by 250 people 20 years ago in Australia, and it was now broadcasted from Berlin, by the aid of something called radio waves to the other side of the planet, which by the way is round and not flat!. If you tried to tell him the truth, he would simply look at you in utter disbelief and think you simply was seriously mentally sick... So.... let's keep an open mind! Maybe not all in this world is just as we think it is, maybe we are the ignorant savages...!"

Mikkel Urup


Photography: www.accanta.com

Philosophy: www.gigob.com

Movies: www.x-novis.com

Paintings: www.galleriurup.dk


1968 Mikkel Urup was born in Charlottenlund, Denmark.

1986 First public individual exhibition with photos and paintings.

1988 Educated as an airbrush artist, and took a course in artistic working methods in Florida.

1990-95 Worked as an advertising director, meanwhile establishing himself as a recognized photographer.

1996+97 His paintings was accepted by "Den Fri", a prestigious group exhibition in Denmark.

1998-04 Made several acclaimed short films and two feature film.

2004-16 Expanded his own company Profilfoto.dk ApS to include 5 studios situated all over Denmark.



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